Welcome to Mineral Township, Venango County

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Mineral Township was formed in October, 1870, from parts of Sandycreek and Frenchcreek Townships.  The first settler here was Samuel Gildersleeve at about 1797.  Other early settlers were Shadrach Simcox in 1800, Andrew Smith, Daniel Crain, and brothers, Archibald and Charles Henderson.  


The township got its name from A.W. Raymond because of the great quantities of coal and iron found there.  Mr. Raymond was also the founder of Raymilton and had several business operations there including a general store, a grist mill and iron furnace.  

Today the Township has approximately 550 residents and 25 acres of land, with over half of that area State Game Lands.


Meetings: 1st Monday of Every Month; except on holidays when its on the first Tuesday; 
7:00 P.M. at the Municipal Building located at 2076 Jackson Center Polk Road, Polk Pa 16342

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