Fred Krizinsky, Road Master

Fred Krizinsky is the current Road Master.

Frank Krizinsky, Jr.

Frank Krizinsky Jr. took over after the unfortunate passing of his father Frank Krizinksy Sr. and is currently a supervisor.

Mike Shingledecker

Mike Shingledecker is currently a supervisor.

Susan White, Valerie Myers, and Mary Berger

Susan White, Valerie Myers, and Mary Berger are currently the auditors.

Tax Collector
Faye Woods

Faye Woods is the local tax collector for Mineral Township.

Emergency Managment Coordinator
Scott Krizinsky, Pennsylvannia State Constable

Scott Krizinsky is currently the PA State Constable for Mineral Township as well as the emergency management coordinator.

Cindy Krizinsky

Cindy Krizinsky is currently the secretary at Mineral Township.

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